Mountain Biking

Biking in Fall

Currently, there are no mountain biking trails at Arizona Snowbowl, however, we are working on adding them as an offering to our guests in the future. 

The San Francisco Peaks and surrounding Coconino National Forest are home to some of the most stunning and scenic alpine mountain bike trails in Arizona. From secluded thrills to must-ride terrain, you’re in for an adventure near Snowbowl! See a few our favorite trails in the area below!

Arizona Trail
Best Feature: Lush Vegetation

Ride through dense alpine trees and lush ferns on the Arizona Trail, which runs all the way from Mexico to Utah, right through the Coconino National Forest. Located under the San Francisco Peaks, you can access this scenic single track from the connector trail located at Aspen Corner.

Hart Prairie Loop trails:

Walnut Canyon Rim
Best Feature: Technical Terrain

The 14.8-mile Walnut Canyon Rim trail begins with an easy roll through pine and oak forest, before descending steeply into the limestone ledges of Walnut Canyon. The canyon section includes diverse terrain and technical singletrack to get your heart pumping!

Two Lost Souls Loop
Best Feature: Secluded

Mountain bikers will love the challenging climbs and secluded beauty of Two Lost Souls Loop. With plenty of ascents on this 17.4-mile loop, you’re in for your fair share of exhilarating downhill thrills!

Mountain Biking Tips:
Pack water, snacks, sunscreen, and layers (including a rain jacket!) for a day in the mountains.