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Snowmaking at Snowbowl

What is Snowmaking?

Snowmaking is the process of creating man-made snow as an addition to Arizona Snowbowl’s natural snowfall. This allows for a more consistent ski and snowboarding season.

Every year Arizona Snowbowl receives on average 260 inches of snow. To provide consistency and to help guarantee a winter season from late November to early April (and the longest winter season in the state), a state-of-the-art snowmaking system was installed and now covers over 65% of trails.

Snowmaking allows guests to plan their vacation at Arizona Snowbowl with confidence.

Why Snowmaking?

Arizona Snowbowl receives natural snowfall thanks to its elevation, but the lower latitude of Arizona, along with the lack of humidity in the Southwest, means that snowmaking is necessary to guarantee a consistent season and product. Snowmaking typically begins in November, made over bare ground, and establishes the base and initial skiing surfaces until natural snowfalls and provides sufficient cover. Snowmaking will also be used to touch up thin spots as they occur.

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