Where to Park

Arizona Snowbowl has multiple parking lots to provide you with easy access to the base area and lifts.

Hart Prairie Lodge parking provides access to all winter amenities available at Arizona Snowbowl including:

Uphill Access guests should park in Parking lot #2.

snowy cheers on deck Agassiz Lodge parking provides access to:

Parking lots # 7 and 8 are the closest to Agassiz Lodge. Additional parking lots #5 and 6 are also available.

Please note: there is no parking on Snowbowl Road.

Ski Lift Lodge & Cabins has a convenient parking lot at the base of Snowbowl Road on Hwy 180. Access to Ski Lift lodge parking lot is available year-round.

Fort Valley Lodge offers ride-share parking year-round, with a FREE Shuttle parking to the base area on select winter days. Parking Fort Valley parking lot is conveniently located at the corner of Snowbowl road and Hwy 180.

Overnight Parking

Per USFS regulation, overnight parking is permitted for guests seeking to hike and camp in the wilderness (outside the ski area boundaries). Guests must park in parking lots below the ski area’s entry gate. No overnight camping is permitted in the parking lots.