What Kind of Gear Do I Need?

Snowbowl | a female skier

Whether it’s your first time to the mountains or you’ve skied many times before, determining what to bring is an important part of the planning process. Conditions and temperatures can change quickly; use this guide as a checklist to make sure you’re perfectly outfitted for a day of wintry fun at Snowbowl:

What to Wear

Dress in layers so that you can add or subtract layers as temperatures change.

The most important layer is your first one, the base layer. A base layer is clothing you wear right next to your skin, like long underwear or a long sleeve shirt and tights. Be sure to wear a base layer that’s not 100% cotton.

Your next layer provides insulation. If temperatures are warm, consider something lightweight like a vest. If it’s cooler out, we suggest something like fleece tops, wool sweaters or down jackets. We do not recommend wearing anything that’s 100% cotton, including jeans.

Your final layer provides weather protection. The key here is to wear water-resistant clothes – especially a ski jacket and pants – to stay warm and dry. Make sure your gloves or mittens are waterproof, too.

Wear one pair of warm socks, preferably those made from wool or another water-resistant material.

Be sure to bring a helmet or hat or both!

Snowbowl’s high elevation amplifies the impact of the sun. You’ll want to wear sunscreen and lip balm, and pack a pair of sunglasses or ski goggles, which will also help reduce the glare off of the white snowpack.

If you need ski clothes and accessories but don’t want to commit to buying, check out our official partner Arrive to rent premium gear and get it delivered straight to your door or destination.

If you forget something, remember: Hart Prairie Sport Shop and Agassiz Lodge Retail Store carry the essentials you’ll need!

What Gear You’ll Need: 

If you don’t own your own equipment, you can rent skis, boots, poles and snowboards and snowboard boots. You can also rent helmets, too! Rent from a shop near your home or visit our own rental shop, where we offer everything from value-priced options to high performance demos, including brands like Head, Dynastar, Rossignol, Burton, Never Summer and more.

TIP: if you’re renting at Snowbowl, give yourself some extra time when you arrive (30-60 minutes is ideal – more on holidays).

If you need snow pants, goggles, gloves, or other apparel, rent items ahead of time from our partner Arrive, or check out our retail shops at Hart Prairie and Agassiz Lodge.

Questions about rental equipment? Please email us at [email protected]