Our Newest Way to Experience the Slopes!

You might have noticed some changes in the Hart Prairie area recently. We’ve been working hard to bring beginners even more ways to enjoy the slopes at Snowbowl. From the largest beginner terrain in the southwest to the installation of our easy-to-use Hart Prairie lift, there’s nowhere better to learn to ski! Our latest addition are brand new features to get you cruising on the snow with confidence.

As a part of our Terrain Based Learning™, or TBL, program, the new features are carefully crafted to naturally control your speed and body position at all times. TBL features are a revolutionary shift in the way resorts around the world are approaching their beginner ski and snowboard lessons. We’ve now created these features within the Hart Prairie area, giving you even more beginner resources on the slopes.

Several features have been created off of Big Spruce and Little Spruce so far. Here’s a rundown of what you might see on your next visit.

The Flats Mini Pipe Flat Zone
The flat zone is a worry-free place where you’ll become familiar with your equipment and how it fits.

Mini Pipe
The mini pipe is where you’ll first learn to gently slide forwards and backwards, feel the edges of your equipment, and stop.


The Rollers

Banked Turns Rollers
The rollers are your first experience letting gravity do its job. Our carefully-crafted rollers help to naturally control your speed as you slide downhill.

Bank Turn
Allow the subtle banking of these turns to naturally guide your skis or snowboard in the perfect direction. This is how perfect turns are made!


Perfect Slope Perfect Slope
After mastering the rest of the features, you’ll progress to the perfect slope. This is where you’ll make your very first unassisted turns!

Curious how this all comes together? Catch our video to see some of these features being built and in action!




After the installation of our brand new Hart Prairie lift, TBL is the next step in our continuing effort to provide excellent experiences for beginners. We’ll launch the full Terrain Based Learning program next winter. In our master plan, the entire beginner area will be a connected system of controlled terrain features to learn the basics and progress to Hart Prairie Lift.

We can’t wait for you to come enjoy our latest Terrain Based Learning features!