Is This May?!

There are so many things we love about Arizona, but one of our favorite things might just be SNOW IN MAY! The Phoenix metro area topped out at around 100 degrees recently, but here at 9,300′ and above, we’re still getting plenty of the white stuff. Check out some of the scenes from today, May 8th, and yesterday, May 7th, below. We received 5″ of new snow this week, and there’s even more in the forecast through the weekend!

Snow on Hart Prairie deck

We received an inch of snow on the Hart Prairie deck on 5/7/19!

Snow on chair

With even more snow coming down overnight, we woke up to 4″ of new snow on the Agassiz deck on 5/8/19!

Snow on tables

Snow blankets the Agassiz deck. 5/8/19

Snow on Agassiz deck

Even more snow is in the forecast through Mother’s Day! 5/8/19

Snow on Agassiz lift

It was still snowing this morning! 5/8/19

Chairlift and distant mountains

As the fog lifted, we were treated to a surreal view of the San Francisco volcanic field underneath a layer of clouds. 5/8/19