Construction is on Schedule for Arizona Snowbowl’s new High-Speed Six-Person Chairlift!

All of us here at Arizona Snowbowl are excited for winter!  Snowbowl is installing its first high-speed lift, the Grand Canyon Express – the only high-speed six-person lift in the state of Arizona.  Construction on the new “six pack” lift is moving along and on schedule.

Recent rainy days have slowed down daily progress but crews are working long days and weekends to make up for any lost productivity.  The lift line corridor was completed about a month ago.  Now, the focus is on completing tower footings and constructing the foundation at the top terminal.  The lower tower footings are finished and ready for towers (see photo left). 

The upper footings and top terminal concrete will be flown by helicopter since we do not have service roads to these remote locations.  Lift hardware arrives weekly.  The tower cross arm assemblies arrived last week (see photo right). Once the towers are unloaded in the parking lot and assembled, we will fly the towers to their location.  This process is very quick, and creates an amazing change in the look of the project with the standing towers in place.

The new lift line is very impressive as you look up the line from the Hart Prairie Lodge.  The lift crosses trails: Agassiz, Blackjack, and Tiger, and will provide many new and exciting ways to ski the Ridge side of the mountain.  The lift line itself will be skiable with a significant cross slope that will add to the fun.

Other projects taking place currently include remodeling of the rental equipment facility, widening Ridge trail to the left to accommodate the upper unload terminal of Grand Canyon Express, among many other routine maintenance projects on lifts, vehicles, and facilities.  Our snowmaking fan guns will be placed on the ski trails in October.

It is very exciting to be on the mountain each day and see the changes.  Our scenic chairlift will continue seven day operations through Labor Day on September 5, and then operate Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through mid October when the Aspen leaves finish turning.  Come up and see the lift and enjoy the Agassiz Deck for lunch or cocktails.  Our staff has transformed the deck from winter to an amazing atmosphere during the summer.