Celebrating Our Snowbowl Ski Dads!

At Snowbowl, we love finding ways to celebrate families. Families are the inspiration for everything we do on the mountain, from adding new summer activities (like summer tubing and the bungee trampoline) to building new lifts and trails for the winter.

In the spirit of Father’s Day, we asked a few of our Snowbowl dads to give their favorite tips and tricks to successful skiing days with their kiddos. From extra snacks to extra layers, we hope these tips give fellow dads the tools they need to hit the slopes with their family in tow!

From Josh, longtime Snowbowl skier and father to Cody.

I think the main things were to keep it fun and not to push her too hard. Keep em warm. I know, duh, but it’s a big deal. No one likes being cold and beginner skiers aren’t producing heat the way longtime experts do!

Once they have the basics, partner them up with other kids. No matter how cool we (parents) think we are, we aren’t as cool as hanging out with kids their own age.

My last thought is to make sure they have a good breakfast. This makes all the difference on how our day pans out!

From Chris, NAU-alumn and Snowbowl skier, father to Porter.

Pack snacks to keep them entertained on the chair lift. I think that my daughter (age 3) just wants to ski–and siting on the chairlift was the longest part for her.

Start small. When we first started, I made a small hill in the front yard so we could work on the fundamentals. Go off their queues, but know that kids are tuff and can handle more than we think–especially when they are having fun.

Pack everything you might need so you are prepared. I pack snacks, water, extra gloves, turtleneck, hand warmers, first aid kit, all for my daughter… just in case.

Last thing, it’s a hard workout skiing with a 3 year old! Keep up your workouts in the off season and your back will thank you.

From Ryan, Snowbowl employee and father to Polina.

I think skiing with children is all about staying patient. Take your time, prepare ahead of time, and have fun while you’re at it. If you go into the day stressed, neither you or your child will have a good time.

The other thing I suggest is starting your kids out as young as possible. They’ll quickly learn the fundamentals and as they get older, they’ll be independent on the slopes. Win-win for everyone!


Thank you to our Snowbowl dads who spend endless weekends on the mountain with their families! Happy Father’s Day!