Uphill Access Closure Information

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Dear Snowbowl Guests,

After our announcement to suspend winter operations on March 17, we received many questions regarding uphill access. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we wanted to provide clarification on why uphill access and Snowbowl Road is closed.

At the request of the Coconino County Sheriff’s Department and Search and Rescue teams, Snowbowl Road is temporarily closed during the current storm cycle and will be re-evaluated on Monday morning, March 23. While this is understandably frustrating for many members of our uphill community, this decision was made to support county staff working at the front lines as well as public safety.

Currently, search and rescue resources are spread very thin, and any potential incident requiring rescue would be even more difficult for teams to respond to during the current storm. In addition, with the forecasted amounts of new snow during this storm, avalanche danger is increased and poses additional risk to both uphill travelers as well as rescue teams. Due to an expected influx of uphill travelers, limited search and rescue resources, and the lack of ski patrol support, it was necessary to suspend uphill access at this time.

While Snowbowl Road may reopen to the public next week to allow National Forest access, uphill access will remain closed due to the above considerations. We thank you very much for your patience, understanding, and cooperation during these unique times – if there are any changes, we will update this blog.


The Snowbowl Team