Summer Updates

By J.R.Murray

Our staff and mountain crew are excited to announce that opening day will be on November 10th, 2017, which will make us the first ski area to open in Arizona. Preparations for the winter season are in full swing. See what we’re up to as crews continue with projects around the mountain.

The old Hart Prairie lift will be dismantled within the next few weeks to give way to the new Hart Prairie Quad lift. Currently, the crews are grading the area around the lift, building the operator huts and installing power and communication lines to both top and bottom terminals.

The new terminal of the new Hart Prairie Quad lift

The crew are also clearing the area and preparing for the foundation of the new 300-seat restaurant and the construction is scheduled to begin in fall. The new restaurant and pedestrian overpass over Snowbowl Road will be completed for winter 2017-18.

Every year, all lifts undergo detailed inspection and maintenance including greasing the bearings, checking bushings, inspecting towers and sheave wheels.

The bull-wheel of Sunset lift is removed and being welded

A slip test is performed on Agassiz lift to assure the grip with the haul rope is secure

The work continues inside the shop with detailed heavy equipment inspection. Our entire fleet of groomers is well maintained to deliver the best skiing conditions all season long. Everything from tracks, tillers, blades to steering, to electrical and hydraulic systems receive our professional crew’s attention.

Two snowcats are in the shop undergoing detailed inspection

To deliver the best snowmaking performance in winter, our state-of- the-art snow guns and pump houses are thoroughly inspected and tuned in the summer months. The entire system will be ready to go by late October-early November, when snowmaking will begin.

Snow guns have undergone their routine oil changes, cleaning and testing and are now stored at the pond at the top of Sunset Chairlift.

Brush cutting and tree glading will happen in September and November. This contributes to the overall forest health, improves tree skiing, and removes shrubs from ski trails.

The countdown to winter is officially on and we look forward to opening the slopes very soon for a great 80th anniversary season. Think snow!