Ski Biking

Snow biking
With the popularity of ski bikes on the increase, both in adaptive lesson facilitation, and with the aging demographic of skiers/riders, we feel that it is important to embrace this trend and offer an alternative; to allow access for ski bike riders at Arizona Snowbowl.

Snow biking Ski bike riders are considered skiers and shall understand and comply with the same rules as skiers and snowboarders. A ski bike is considered a person and lifts will be loaded accordingly.


SnoGO Tours

Do you want to experience the beauty of the mountain in a new and exciting manner? New this winter, Arizona Snowbowl will be offering daily SnoGO Tours for guests(ages 13+) who wish to tour Arizona Snowbowl’s terrain, learn about what Northern Arizona has to offer, and experience the thrill of ski biking. SnoGO tours will be offered in the afternoons, limited tours and rentals available per day.*

Requirements: Must be 13 years of age or older and must be at least 5′ in height. A SnoGO Tour must be taken prior to renting out a Ski Bike. 

More information will be available soon!