Season Pass Frequently Asked Questions 19-20

The 2019-2020 Power Pass is the most powerful pass in the Southwest. With unlimited winter access to more than 3,400 acres in Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico plus – new for 2019! – year-round access to the country’s only year-round lift-served mountain bike park, this pass not only delivers your home mountain but your weekend trips, too.

19/20 Lift Tickets

Q: How much will lift tickets be this season?
A: Adults (18-64) are $99, and Youth (ages 11-17) and Seniors (ages 65-69) are $75.

Q: How much are lift tickets for kids 10 years or younger?
A: Kids who are 10 years old (or younger) at the time of pass purchase receive a FREE season pass (we call it the Power Kids pass), valid at all of our ski resorts and Spider Mountain Bike Park! 

Q: How much are lift tickets for guests ages 70 and older?
A: Guests ages 70 and older receive a FREE lift ticket every day; or, they can skip the ticket window and purchase a $29 season pass that provides direct-to-lift access at Snowbowl, Sipapu, Pajarito, and Hesperus.

Q: Does my season pass come with any buddy passes? 
A: It depends on the season pass type. All Power Passes are eligible for six (6) lift tickets at 30% off window rate any day of the 19/20 season at any of our resorts.  

Picking Up Your Pass

Q: Can I have my pass mailed to me?
A: Yes! We’ve added a new convenient option for picking up your 2019-20 season pass – we’ll mail it directly to you! Select “Mail My Season Pass To Me” option during the checkout process and we’ll send it in the mail for free. We’ll even provide you with a tracking number.

Q: When and where can I pick up my pass?
A: Please visit us at the Guest Service Dept. located in the lower level of the Hart Prairie Lodge during normal business hours to pick up your pass on site. Please bring a photo ID with you.

Q: I’d like to talk with someone about my season pass. Who should I contact?
A: Please contact us at [email protected]

Q: Where can I buy my season pass online?
A: Right here.

Q: Will I be able to use the same photo as last year?
A: Anyone 17 or younger will need a new photo every year.  Anyone ages 18 and older can use their old pass as long as it is a passport-like photo and meets our photo criteria.     

Ways to Pay

Q: What’s the season pass payment plan?
A: Our no-interest payment plan is available on every pass. When you choose the payment plan, there is no interest, and your pass price is divided into equal monthly payments. Equal amounts are automatically charged on the 30th of each month. By November 30, 2019, your pass is paid in full. Learn more.

Q: Do I still get the same benefits if I choose the payment plan, rather than paying it all at once?
A: Yes. Enjoy all the benefits of being a season pass holder, including summer discounts, while you’re paying for your pass.

Q: Is there interest or a finance charge when I choose to pay with the payment plan?
A: No. There is no interest when you choose to pay with the new payment plan. Payments that are declined may be charged a $10 administrative fee per incident.

Q: How can I update my credit card on file?
A: You can update this online or by contacting us at [email protected]

For the complete list of terms and conditions please view the Payment Plan Agreement.

Season Pass Refund Option

Q: Is my season pass refundable?
A: Season passes are non-refundable unless the Season Pass Refund Option is selected at time of purchase. Learn more about the Season Pass Refund Option.

A Few Season Pass Details

Q: What’s the difference between the Child Power Pass and the FREE Power Kids season pass for kids 10 and younger?
A: Kids who are 10 or younger receive a FREE season pass that’s valid at all of our ski areas, including Snowbowl, Purgatory, Hesperus, Pajarito, Sipapu and Nordic Valley – plus Spider Mountain Bike Park. This pass provides direct-to-lift access and no other summer, winter partner resort or buddy pass benefits. The Child Power Pass (which is valid for kids ages 12 and younger at time of purchase) provides this same access to five of our ski areas, plus FREE days at our partner ski areas, mountain discounts and more. 

Learn more about this FREE Season Pass.

Q: What will the college discount be this year?
A: Snowbowl continues to offer the Young Adult (19-24) pass in place of the College Pass. No credits or proof of enrollment required.

Q: What’s the Parent Transferable Pass and how does it work?
A: The Parent Transferable Pass is exclusively for parents of kids ages 3 and younger (a birth certificate is required when you pick up your pass). Gone are the days when you had to buy *two* lift tickets or *two* season passes during a season when parents spend most of their time splitting their time on the slopes (one parent skis while the other watches the future ripper). This pass allows two parents to share one pass for use at different times. Save 20% off one full day, adult lift ticket when both parents hit the slopes on the same day. Not eligible for partner resort benefits.


Definitions & Restrictions

Q: What are the age definitions for each pass?
A: Adult Power Pass is for ages 37-64 (at time of purchase). 
Young Adult Power Pass (30-36) is for ages 30-36 (at time of purchase). 
Young Adult Power Pass (25-29) is for ages 25-29 (at time of purchase). 
Young Adult Power Pass (19-24) is for ages 19-24 (at time of purchase), and replaces our College Power Pass. 
Teen Power Pass is for ages 13-18 (at time of purchase). 
Child Power Pass is for guests ages 12 and younger (at time of purchase). 
Senior Power Pass is for guests ages 65-79 (at time of purchase).
Super Senior Power Pass is for guests ages 80+ (at time of purchase).

Snowbowl Weekday Pass is for all ages. Snowbowl Weekday passholders can ski Monday-Friday at Arizona Snowbowl. Plus they can ski or ride on weekends, holidays and blackout dates by purchasing one adult lift ticket at 20% off the window rate. Blackout dates: Saturdays, Sundays and the following dates: 12/26/19 – 12/27/19, 12/30/19 – 01/03/20.

Snowbowl 70 & Older Pass is for guests ages 70 and older (at the time of purchase). It offers unlimited direct-to-lift access to Arizona Snowbowl, Pajarito, Sipapu, and Hesperus; it does not have summer or partner ski area benefits. 

Parent Transferable Pass allows two parents share one pass. Parents must prove that their child is age 3 years old or younger when picking up their pass. This pass is only valid at Snowbowl. Parent Transferable passholders can buy one adult lift ticket at 20% off the window rate if both parents are skiing on the same date. 

Q: I want to buy a Power Pass for my 6-year-old. Can I do that?
A: Yes! Just select the Child Power Pass—anyone up to age 12 can purchase this pass.

Q: I want to buy a Power Pass for my 80-year-old neighbor. Can I do that?
A: Yes! Just select the Senior Power Pass—anyone age 65 and older can purchase this pass.   


Summer Benefits

Q: Does my season pass come with summer benefits?
A: Power Passes come with 50% off 2019 scenic chair rides at Arizona Snowbowl and 2019 bike & hike access at Pajarito. Plus, when you purchase a Power Pass, you can purchase one of our new Summer Passes for as low as $100 (it pays for itself in just two visits!). 

Q: My Power Pass used to include summer activities at Purgatory – why did that change?
A: We removed the summer benefits to offer significant savings to our guests: when you purchase a Power Pass, you can save up to $100 over last year’s price! Plus, when you purchase a Power Pass, you can add one of our Summer Passes for as low as $100 (it pays for itself in just two visits!). 

Q: What are Summer Passes?
A: The Summer Adventure Passes is only available for use at Purgatory Resort for the 2019 summer season. The Unlimited Summer Adventure Pass with Mountain Bike Power Pass and Mountain Bike Power Pass can be used at Purgatory Resort and Pajarito for unlimited uplifts during the 2019 summer season.

More Summer Pass Info

Q: I don’t want to buy a Power Pass – how can I buy one of the summer passes?
A: Our summer passes are available for everyone to purchase! When you purchase them with your Power Pass, you’ll enjoy maximum savings.


Additional Benefits

Q: What benefits come on my season pass?
A: It depends on which pass your purchase. Pass benefits are summarized on the Season Pass page. We’re working hard to grow our season pass partnerships!

Q: Will my pass include the Powder Alliance?
A: No, although many resorts that were on the Powder Alliance are now on the Power Pass!