Planning a Wedding at Snowbowl

Wedding at Snowbowl

Whether you imagine spectacular mountain views or an intimate aspen grove, Arizona Snowbowl is the perfect venue for your wedding, any season of the year. Please consider the following while planning your special day at Snowbowl:

Mountain Weddings are Outdoorsy

As you might expect, a mountain wedding is full of outdoorsy fun. We have plenty of customizable options at Snowbowl. From full-on nature ceremonies in the blooming fields to heel-friendly pavers on the Agassiz lodge deck, there are plenty of ways to make your wedding a dream come true.

The Sunsets are Stunning

If you’re looking for the perfect sunset backdrop for your wedding, there’s no better place in Flagstaff. Our elevation means one thing: unobstructed views of the sunset! The stunning colors come alive at dusk, making your wedding absolutely breathtaking.

Wedding Planners are Important

Whether you’re having a destination wedding or live in Flagstaff, wedding planners make a huge difference. Consider choosing a planner from our preferred list of vendors to help you sail through the wedding planning process!

We Take Care of Catering & Drink Service

From gourmet food selections to providing alcohol and other drinks, we take care of it! Chat with our wedding coordinator to learn more.

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