What Should I Bring?

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As with all mountainous climates, the most important items you can bring are layers. The temperature varies depending on rain chance, cloud coverage, and other factors, so be sure to always pack layers that can be put on or removed for comfort.

How to Layer the Right Way

A classic formula for layers is base layer + medium layer + outer layer + rain layer. As an example, you could wear a t-shirt and flannel, but bring a light jacket and raincoat with you. That way, it’s easy to adjust depending on the temperature and weather.

Other Must-Haves

Wear shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Snowbowl is all about enjoying nature, so close-toes sneakers or hiking boots are the perfect options.

Another important item to bring is sunscreen. Keep in mind the elevation is higher than you’re used to, which means you’re closer to the sun. Sunscreen is a vital part of any mountain adventure!

Whether you’re staying for many days or just the afternoon, be sure to bring snacks or money to purchase food at Agassiz Lodge!

Lastly, bring plenty of water to sip throughout your stay or have a reusable bottle to keep refilling as needed! If you are hiking, bring twice as much water as you think you would need.

Where Should I Stay

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Our Team is Here to Help

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