Our Favorite Hiking Trails

The San Francisco Peaks and surrounding Coconino National Forest are home to some of the most stunning and scenic alpine hikes in Arizona. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a leisurely stroll or a tried-and-true adventurer looking for your next thrill, there’s a hike for everyone near Snowbowl! See our roundup below!

The San Francisco Peaks in the peak of wildflower season

The San Francisco Peaks at the height of wildflower season.

Aspen Nature Loop
Best Feature: Good For All Hiking Abilities
Perfect for any level of hiker, this 1.5 mile trail winds leisurely through ponderosa and aspen groves, which transform into stunning yellow hues in the fall. You’ll enjoy striking alpine foliage, as well as views of the mountains. Plus, the trail is often less crowded than other hikes around Flagstaff.

Hiking the Viet Spring trail.

Hiking the Viet Spring trail.

Viet Springs Trail
Best Feature: Secluded
Looking for a shady, heavily-wooded trail? Viet Springs Trail begins about halfway up Snowbowl Road and winds through the largest stand of ponderosa pines in the world. Because the Viet Springs Trail doesn’t start or end at the ski area, you’re likely to find plenty of solitude! Look for the small parking lot on the right side of Snowbowl Road (going towards the ski area) to find the trailhead!

Arizona Trail
Best Feature: Lush Vegetation
Traverse through dense alpine trees and lush ferns on the Arizona Trail, which runs all the way from Mexico to Utah, right through the Coconino National Forest. Located under the San Francisco peaks, you can access this scenic single track from the connector trail located at Aspen Corner.

Aspen Corner during fall colors

Aspen Corner during fall colors.

Aspen Corner
Best Feature: Stunning Fall Colors
Located about 6.5 miles up Snowbowl Road, Aspen Corner is a photographer’s paradise. It’s breathtaking to stand among the dense, bright aspens and take in the beauty of the forest–especially during the fall. From Aspen Corner, you can take an easy nature trail or even connect to the Arizona Trail for a longer trek! Find the parking lot on the left side of Snowbowl Road, going towards the ski area.

Hiking Tips:
Pack water, snacks, sunscreen, appropriate shoes, and layers (including a rain jacket!) for a day on the trail.