November 17 Update

Snowbowl remains hopeful for Friday afternoon skiing.  After continued snowmaking, Snowbowl officials are targeting November 18 to open for the ski season. With forecasted cold temperatures, ski area management estimates a 60% probability of having the Ridge trail open by mid-day. This also means there’s a 40% chance that Snowbowl will not open, and guests are encouraged to make their travel plans accordingly. Snowbowl General Manager J.R. Murray states, “We have been making snow continually since Wednesday night and will continue making snow tonight and Friday, capitalizing on the coldest temperatures we have seen so far.  Our projected opening will showcase 1,500’ vertical and over one mile of skiing provided by the new Grand Canyon Express, Arizona’s first high-speed six-person chairlift with skiing down Ridge, Agassiz, and Lower North Star to the bottom of the lift”.  A full update will be announced Friday morning.