Learn to Uplift on the Hart Prairie Quad

Jaime Gonzalez, Ski & Ride School Director

January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month and to mark the occasion, we interviewed Jaime Gonzalez, our Ski and Snowboard School Director, about the most important aspects of Snowbowl’s brand new Hart Prairie Quad and beginner terrain.

How does the new Hart Prairie Quad and conveyor positively impact first-time skiers and riders?

Hart Prairie has always been one of the greatest beginner areas in the west. The addition of the new Hart Prairie Quad lift now complements the great terrain we have. Skiers and boarders now can enjoy shorter lift lines, which means one thing: more runs.

A kiddo learning to ski in the Hart Prairie area

A kiddo learning to ski in the Hart Prairie area.

What are the benefits of theHart Prairie Quad that help first-timers transition into skiing and riding longer terrain?

First time skiers and boarders who learn here at Snowbowl will have already used two surface lifts or conveyors. Once they feel comfortable using the conveyor, they will transition to the new Hart Prairie Quad. The new Hart Prairie Quad uses a loading conveyor to help load first-time chair riders without the worry and stress of lining up on a load board or the impact of a fast moving chair coming at them.

Snowboarders on the loading conveyor

Snowboarders on the loading conveyor.

What are some more important features of the new Hart Prairie Quad?

Another great aspect of the Hart Prairie Quad: families with kids can now load with ease and use the comfort of the foot rest bar. The ability to have four people on a chair means you can spend more quality time with your family and friends or make new friends.

Along with Snowbowl’s new Hart Prairie Quad, the beginner terrain is excellent for first-timers or those who simply need a refresher. You’ll experience wide-open runs, gently graded slopes, and Snowbowl employees and instructors cheering you on with a smile!

Snowboarders on the Hart Prairie Quad

Snowboarders on the Hart Prairie Quad

We can’t wait to see you on the slopes. Come learn to ski at Snowbowl this winter!